Keeping Our Customers Safe

24/02/21 - Latest Update


After the recent update from the Scottish Government, we will be closed until at least 6th April 2021. The First Minister has stated that essential retail will open from 6th April, and that the list of retail stores classed as essential will be updated to include more categories in the coming weeks.


We very much hope that we fall into this group. We feel that with weddings still going ahead, we are very much classed as essential. Not only to alter the upcoming wedding gowns, but to also offer gowns to brides who have a wedding this summer/autumn and still have no dress.


We can offer track and trace and restricted appointment numbers. Our premises is now setup for social distancing and the store is constantly cleaned and disinfected before, after and during all of our appointments. We desperately hope that we will reopen on 6th April and we are currently contacting brides up to this date, but unfortunately we will not know for certain until the next government update in approx 3 weeks time.


The Scottish Wedding Industry Alliance are currently campaigning for clarity for weddings ( and are pushing for 50 guests from 26th April which would be a much welcomed increase. This would at least give our brides a number and a date to work towards and they would be able to make the decision whether to go ahead or postpone without everything being so last minute.


It brings us no joy, not to be at work, not be helping our brides, spending hours upon hours rebooking appointments or telling brides we cannot accommodate fittings. Our number one priority is to help our brides and make this situation as stress free as we possibly can, but we are also a business, working limited hours and being closed and bringing in no revenue is also very testing for us.


I know that brides are leaving it until the last minute to make decisions on their upcoming dates and whether to postpone, which we completely understand, but for a bit of perspective from our side we are currently dealing with over 600 brides this year who are moving and changing their dates each time an announcement is made. Not only do we have original 2021 brides, we have 2020 brides who moved to 2021, and now we have brides from Spring 2021 moving again to a new date in 2021.


If you anticipate that you will be moving your wedding date please let us know as soon as you can so that we can free up fitting appointments for the brides who are going ahead and desperately need a space. 


Currently we are open, limited hours and days, for urgent deliveries and dress collections for weddings that are still going ahead.


New Appointments

We anticipate that we will be very busy once we reopen, so we encourage you to book your appointment now. Brides already in the diary will have priority if bookings have to be rescheduled.


At the moment we are limiting appointments to the bride plus 2 guests at weekends or bride plus 4 guests midweek to maintain social distancing. We also have disposable masks available for every person who enters the store and hand sanitiser available at each changing area and at the main desk and bathrooms. We encourage every person to use these items to help keep you and our staff protected.


For new brides getting married between April and September, and who don’t have a dress yet, we have our Ready to Wear department with over 400 dresses available to take home on the day. Kindly note it is unlikely you will be able to use our preferred seamstress due to her current workload so will have to find an alternative. 


For new brides getting married October 2021 onwards, you will still have enough time for a made to order gown, but we have a much longer alteration timescale this year due to the volume of brides so we still recommend ordering your gown as soon as possible.

If you have booked an appointment, we will be in touch soon to reschedule.

Current Brides - Prefits

For our current #bijouxbrides who are waiting on prefit appointments, we will be shortly working through the diary to reschedule these. We understand that it is frustrating to not have tried on your dress yet, but it is here and safe until such time as your appointment can be accommodated.  


Current Brides - Alterations

For our current #bijouxbrides who are waiting on dress alterations, we are currently working through the diary to reschedule. Our seamstress is inundated this year due to the number of postponed 2020 weddings, so we are very grateful for your understanding. Not only does she have to make time to take the appointments, but she also needs time to work on the dresses, so we are working with Yan to try and accommodate as many brides as we can. 


Kindly remember, brides will be prioritised in date order, so we would appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through this complicated and time consuming process, and hope for your flexibility as much possible. Can we also ask that you only send us one message as we will get back to everyone quicker this way. We have brides sending the same message on text, social, and email and it is taking us longer to work through.


We would like to extend our love to all of our brides who are experiencing another postponement or cancellation. We feel your pain, stress and disappointment. As a family business ourselves, we are doing everything we can to look after our brides and staff members as much as possible during this difficult time.


You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or through our text service.


All our love Team Bijoux xx