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Bridal Sizing Guide Background

Bridal Sizing Guide

We want to try and educate our #bijouxbrides as much as possible, as we know how different wedding dress shopping is to regular shopping!

One of the big differences is the sizing – bridal gown manufacture dates back centuries and over time women and their sizes have changed dramatically. What was a size 12 ten years ago, is no longer the same but designers still use these guides when they are creating their dresses. Here we have put together a short guide to help you understand how things work!

Do you know how bridal sizing works?

  • So here's the bad news... you thought you were already under pressure to go down a dress size, well now you are. Expect to go UP two sizes when it comes to bridal. Nothing like being two sizes bigger to make yourself feel better.
  • Why is that? Well mainly the structure of wedding dresses are mainly to blame. We're so used to loose fitted clothing but wedding dresses are actually more true to size than high street because they're fitted to your shape. Designers are also using stiffer, high quality fabrics which we wouldn't normally wear

"There's no such thing as a lycra dress" – Lynsay, owner

Though, there is some good news!

  • We know that in reality, brides aren’t a standard sample size so we wanted to make sure we actually had sample dresses in-store that a stylist doesn’t need to shoehorn you into!
  • We start are sample sizes generally at a size 12 (high street 6/8) and go up to mostly a size 24(high street 20) but that’s not to say we don’t have some smaller and bigger.
  • We can do things to adjust dresses no matter what your size or shape. Honestly, our stylists are not afraid to make that sample dress work for you.

"We're not afraid to take scissors to that dress if we need to!" Laura, owner

Losing Weight

  • It's really not uncommon for our brides to be on a weight loss plan on the lead up to their big day and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Think of us as your other slimming class consultant.
  • We're here to advise you as best we can - we've seen it all when it comes to diets... to be honest half of us are on one anyway. We know the pitfalls and the challenges you can come across, so we will give you our honest opinion on how to tackle it if you're aiming to get into a specific size.
  • We're here to cheer you on – we want you to feel the best version of you on your big day. We know how important it can be to brides. Keep us updated on your journey and we will help you along your way.
  • Honestly though, we're here to be realistic with you. We want the dress you've ordered to fit perfectly, and we don't want you to risk losing too much, not enough or nothing at all so if we work together and maintain good communication we can make sure we’re heading down the right route.

Our Sewing Seamstress Genius, Yan!

  • We know her capabilities and we know exactly what Yan can do to make that dress work for your shape and size.
  • We also know that we work with good quality dresses. The dress will be ready to take on the alterations because it comes from a good designer and is made with only the best quality fabrics, but we will never do anything that will compromise that.
  • We can do things to adjust dresses no matter what your size or shape. Honestly, our stylists are not afraid to make that sample dress work for you.

"It's up to you what you do but you need to be realistic with your goals to make that dress you've ordered work. Don't forget to comeback along the way and get remeasured to stay on track."

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