Jan 15, 2020

Welcome to the #BijouxClub

Congratulations in taking your first step to finding your dream wedding dress!


We understand how exciting (and also how nerve wracking!) it can be preparing for your first bridal store experience and we want to make sure that it is the most enjoyable day for you and your bridal party. After all, 3 out of 4 brides will find their gown with us on their first day shopping, and we are dedicated to helping you create memories that you will reminisce over for years to come.


Unlike some bridal stores, we won’t leave you to try on dresses yourself (how the heck is that even possible?!), tell you untruths (like how you look fabulous in that 80s style puffball - no we don’t have any of those in store you’ll be glad to know), or try and put you in a dress that’s 5 sizes too small and ask you to ‘imagine’.


We are not those people!! Instead what we do offer at Bijoux is a relaxed, friendly environment with super lovely bridal stylists. We are all normal people with a fetish for pizza and prosecco, we just happen to have the most beautiful store and stunning dresses from the best designers around!!


If you think you would love to be a part of our luxury club then click on the link below OR if you have any questions or aren’t quite ready to find your dress yet, then follow our pages and stories for more info on why you should say ‘I Do’ at Bijoux xx



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