Apr 10, 2020

Week 3 - Coronavirus Lockdown

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.


I'm sure we aren't the only ones who are sitting at home, thinking about life like we never have before. Some people are struggling, others are enjoying it, many are working through it without choice. It is most definitely the weirdest, most unsettling thing I have experienced in my 37 (coughs loudly) years that's for sure. I love my work - make no bones about it, I love being there everyday, I love our team, I love our brides, I love that it's mine. Even when I go on holiday, i'm always checking in so it's strange to me that it's not needed. There's no chat about our lovely bride who called as she was having a meltdown, no chat about our brides wee mum who pops in for a chat every time she passes, no chat about what we are getting for lunch, no chat about who gets the steaming this afternoon and no chat about who has to go to ASDA in the rain to get the milk. It's really sad and I miss it.


It's not as sad as the brides we are chatting to that have had to cancel all of their wedding plans. Weddings that have been planned for one, two, three years sometimes. Planning that has taken up so much of their brain space for so long, they were glad that it was finally here, so they could enjoy all of their hard work. And now uncertainty, worry, financial implications, supplier availability and a whole host of other things has given them a whole new to-do list, and a whole new date to work towards. Some of our brides are pushing out till August and September, unsure if they will have to push it out again. Others have booked wedding abroad and have no idea when they will be able to book again, or if they will.


It's such a shame and they are entitled to feel disappointed and upset. We cannot change what is going on, it is affecting us all, we just need to get our heads down and get on with it (I am more practical than emotional). What we can do however is try and embrace this unique position we are in.


Try and embrace the family time, review our work life balance, make changes to better look after our body and our health and make new plans for work when we go back (soon hopefully!!) We just need everyone to keep well in the meantime.


We are working with our amazing designers who are in the process of organising virtual trunk shows for us and our brides (let's not forget, not only are brides not shopping just now, but we missed our essential trade shows at the start of the year so have been unable to see any of the new collections, which is the highlight of our March!) We are looking into offering virtual consultations and collaborating with our favourite suppliers to bring you IG Live Demos. These are things that will probably continue even when life begins to return back to normal, and for that we can only be grateful as it is most certainly pushing us to think of new innovative ways to communicate with our brides.


We are trying to keep busy, keep visible and keep going! At the heart of it all, we are a small family run business. We need your support, and we will need brides to keep on booking with us to ensure that our team has plenty of appointments when we return. The whole Bijoux team love what we do and honestly cannot wait to get back to work and start helping our lovely brides. I've never had such a supportive team, who have our back and just 'get it'. 


I always say it's the 'laws of attraction' We put good, positive vibes out there and we get that back from our team and our brides. Our brides 'get it' too and I know that they will embrace this experience just as we are. They are experiencing something that no other bride will go through in their life. It's part of their story. At a time when everything is up in the air and things are changing all the time, try to remember the aspects that haven't changed. You still have each other, your family and friends are well and want to share in your day whenever that may be, and you still have your dream dress!! You will all make it through this experience and find that you are closer and more appreciative than ever. You will find that on your big day, your feelings, thoughts and emotions run deeper than you ever thought they could and you will cherish these moments even more so.


In the meantime I am going to embrace getting up at 8.45am, watching Jeremy Vine and spending too long watching my insta stories for ways to cover up my roots. This is never going to happen again, so I’m just going to kickback with my Twirl for breakfast and enjoy.