Apr 1, 2020

We Still Do, We Still Will

We Still Do, We Still Will

Just not when we expected to.


Like many of our Bijoux Brides, we’ve had to postpone our wedding too. I’ve gone through just about every emotion there is these past few days and I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted! But, I can say that as I sit here typing this, listening to our wedding playlist for the forty-seventh time this week, I’m listening to it and smiling again – not sobbing like I was on Wednesday, Thursday and maaaaybe a little bit of of Friday too!

As the week progressed and the situation grew more dire, the seriousness of what was coming really started to sink in. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve struggled with feeling selfish and guilty for grieving  the wedding we had planned... So many people were worse off, as is usually the case. “It’s only a wedding”, “it’s just one day”, “there’s worse things that could happen”. All of those statements are true but this was our day. We’ve saved and planned and worked extra jobs to have the day of our dreams where we get to celebrate becoming husband and wife surrounded by our friends and family. It is just a wedding and it is just one day but we deserve this day! And now it was being jeopardised.


We decided that rather than cling on to the date that we had been counting down to for the past two years, we would act fast to try and grasp a teensy bit of control. On Thursday we started communicating with our venue and by Friday we were sitting in 29 in Glasgow discussing available dates with our wedding


We’d already gone through all possible options at home – we were supposed to get married on Saturday 23 May 2020. Did we want to change to a winter wedding? Did we want to move to a weekday to give us the best opportunity to secure all of our suppliers? Did we want to wait until next year? In the end, we did have to compromise a little – but that’s just good practice for the marriage really, isn’t it?! We made the decision to wait and get married on Friday 14 May 2021. It’s hard to accept that we’ve gone from a nine week countdown to fourteen months. We’ve already been there and done that! We were soooo close! But May is our month – the month I moved into Michael’s, the month we got our dogs, the month we got engaged, the month we bought our first home together and it will be the month we say “I do”!



I’d like to mention how fantastic and helpful our suppliers have been too. Everyone has worked with us as best as they can – offering to move dates and hold dates for us completely free of charge. They’ve been so understanding – they know this is out of our hands and they’re trying to make the best of a crappy situation too.


Photographer: Ross Alexander

Videographer: LittleBox Wedding Films

Band: Little Red

Humanist: John Leo Scott @ Fuze Ceremonies

Hair: Hair By Amber Hannah at With Love, Larkhall

Cake: Mama Barker Cakes

Silent Disco: Gillian at Ya Dancer

Decor: Thistle Flowers by Yvonne MacDonald

Florist: Paperwhite

String Quartet: Arta

Makeup: Sabaa Khan

Calligrapher: Laila Lettering
Postponement Stationery: Clare Designs

Now that the decision has been made, there’s still a lot of emotions going on in my head but I can honestly say that I mostly feel relieved. I’m still sad we won’t get married this year, I’m angry that the decision wasn’t really ours to make, I’m anxious about what is still to come but I’m relieved. We will get married. And when we do, it will be amazing! All of our family and friends will be there, healthy and happy! We won’t be worrying about people not being able to make it, we won’t be worrying about people defying advice to attend and risk becoming unwell, we won’t be worrying about bloody corona virus being the theme of the wedding and all that’s discussed all day! We will kiss our family and hug our friends and drink and dance til we sweat our make up off! Corona virus has stolen our date from us, but it’s not going to steal our wedding day!