Feb 3, 2020

Monique & Michael

Bride Monique Rodgers

Partners Name Michael Deeney

Wedding Venue We have decided to go for Glasgow University for the mass then onto The Busby Hotel for our reception.


Proposal Michael totally pulled it out the bag with his proposal! We had been gifted swimming with the dolphins in Discovery Cove, Florida by my parents for Christmas. It was the 4th of July 2018 so it was a super exciting date for us to visit! As we swam, one of the dolphins had a buoy in its mouth saying ‘Monique, will you marry me?’ I think it is the best proposal he could have ever come up with! My youngest sister still thinks I should have been able to keep the dolphin too 😂!



When did you start planning your wedding? We started planning in 2018 when we got back to Scotland. We had originally planned our wedding for 2021 but have recently decided to bring it forward to this year!


What colour scheme have you chosen? We are thinking burgundy, greens etc to go with a Christmas feel! 


How did you find the dress shopping experience? Absolutely amazing! I can’t thank Rebecca and the team enough for making me feel like a real princess! 


How did you find your experience at Bijoux? Rebecca truly knows her stuff! She was so understanding of how nervous I was and really took the time to get to know me which made all the difference!  


How did you feel when you found your dream dress? I was totally overwhelmed, I had honestly convinced myself that I wouldn’t find a dress because of my size. My weight has always been an issue for me but Rebecca helped me find the dress that I feel amazing in which I thought could never happen! 
Was it the dress you thought you would go for? Not at all ! I’m not sure what I had imagined but it was completely different to what I thought I would pick.


What would you change (if anything) about your dress shopping experience? Absolutely nothing! The experience was fantastic, thank you ️
Would you recommend Bijoux to another bride? Definitely! The level of service I received was second to none! Bijoux was definitely my ‘One Stop Shop’!
Do you have any advice for brides who are about to start dress shopping? Try not to worry about it ! There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about, the girls are all lovely and make you feel at ease!