Nov 21, 2019

Kelly & Peter - The Vu

Bride Kelly Gardiner
Partners Name Peter Brown
Wedding Date 19th September 2019
Venue Carriden Church and The Vu, Bathgate


Proposal So Peter loves a good wind up and on the run up to Christmas 2018, he was winding me up about getting engaged or so I thought. My sister was in the house one night and pointed out a little wrapped box hanging on the tree and I don't know how I hadn't seen it  but this started to get me excited but I still wasn't convinced that it was just part of his wind up.
Then on Saturday 22/12/18 Pete convinced me that we should go for a walk with our 2 dogs at Yellowcraig's Beach. The beach is an hour away so it was an early rise to be at the beach for  7am and I also had a competition with my horse that afternoon so joked that it better be worth my while and it was! So as we walked along the beach with the sun rising, Pete slowed down a little and was just behind me and when he shouted my name and I turned around there he was done on one knee with the ring! Turns out the box on the tree was his own cuff links he wrapped to wind me up!


Style Inspiration We didn't have a style as such. I had helped my sister plan some of her wedding 6 years ago so had a few ideas of what I liked but really went just wanted to make the day personal to us.


Shopping Experience Finding the dress was an amazing experience! I took my mum, my sister and my niece with me and what a great time we all had. So I actually went to the outlet first, Natalie handed me the pegs and the 4 of us ran off tagging dress... we ran out of pegs in 2 minutes there was so many dresses we loved. Natalie began pulling dresses and I tried on a few which I really liked but wasn't in love with, so Natalie suggested having a look at the made to order and off she went, it was clear Natalie had seen what I liked and came back with a load of dresses and I loved and she kept the best till last. As Natalie began lacing up Venice I loved it, my mum told me after that she could see my face light up as she peeked through a gap in the curtains. Now I had my dress Natalie began pulling some accessories and I went with a belt and a sparkly veil and just like my dress was ordered I left Bijoux on cloud 9 and counting down the weeks till my dress was due to arrive so I could try it on again!


Dress Venice by Stella York


In your own words tell us about your wedding and the theme/colours. How did you make your wedding personal to your love story? Our wedding day was perfect, the weather had warmed up, the sun was shining and there was just a gentle breeze. The boys wore the Scottish Spirit tartan and my bridesmaid were in burgundy.

For the girls it was an early rise with make up starting at 6am there was such an excitement but calm feeling even as I was being laced into my dress I was relaxed about everything, I figured that it was too late to worry about anything now and just wanted to enjoy my day.

We had lovely ceremony at Carriden Church in Bo'ness, my 12 year old niece wrote a poem for us when we got engaged so that was read during our service which was such an amazing personal little touch for us both and she done incredibly well to get up and read it out in front of 120 people. We then went onto to The Vu in Bathgate for our reception and to party the night away. We got some incredible sunset pictures as we decided to head into a field over the road.


Most special memory of the day? We got an amazing surprise at night when the DJ announced there was surprise from my sister, brother in-law and 2 nieces. I stopped and started looking around very confused when I could here pipes and drums, we had no clue but my sister had organised Stick 'n' Kicks for us, the guys were amazing and we all had great time dancing away to them!
Also the week after our wedding I had hair and makeup done again and we both got dressed up to take pictures with our 2 dogs and the horse!

Would you recommend Bijoux? I've already being recommending Bijoux to just about everyone, so relaxed and fun and you really listen to what we after! The experience was amazing from picking out my dress to having the alterations completed and I can't recommend you highly enough!


Photographer LisaLouise Wildlife
Make Up Pretty Little Birds
Hair The Ivy Hair Company
Florist Bloom Room
Videographer Weddings Live
Kilts The Kilt Studio
Piper Pipinghot Events
Entertainment Stick 'n' Kicks

Our wedding day was perfect, the weather had warmed up, the sun was shining and there was just a gentle breeze.