May 15, 2020

Keep Planning, Stay Inspired!

Keep that wedding planning momentum going and stay inspired!


Wedding planning isn’t always easy whether you’re looking for some ideas for your perfect gown, choosing the right design for your invitations or you’re looking for an overall theme for your big day, finding inspiration may seem difficult (not to mention during a global pandemic.)  However, despite the circumstances there is no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to get inspired, creative and excited for finding all these details to ensure you have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!  Below are some platforms which you can use to feel inspired and extra excited for your big day!



Okay so to start here is my fav! Pinterest! Now a lot of you will likely already use and know about this however for those of you who don’t this is an amazing platform which allows you to search photos, blogs and create your own vision boards, it is also is a great place to find some unique hints and tips for planning.


Here are a few cool ideas to do on this app:


Create a board: Below I have shared some boards I have created for this purpose, you can see I’ve been able to create different boards for the different ideas I’m looking at and collated them together. It is just is an easier way to choose which I love best.


Add friends: Need some extra advice? This is where Pinterest allows you to add friends to the boards you’ve made, this might be handy if you’re looking for some second opinions from your bridal party.  If you do have friends on Pinterest it is also helpful to know you can “keep board secret” which means other users won’t be able to see what you’ve been sharing to your board if you’re looking to keep private.


Use your own images: You can also choose to upload your own photos and add to your mood boards, this could be handy if you’ve seen something in a bridal mag or you’ve found something on social media you love and want to compare to posts you’ve seen on your board. In addition to this, an extra feature you might find handy is you can upload a photo and Pinterest will scan this photo and then display posts which are alike-  this helps if you’ve found something you just love but want to see some ideas similar.




The next platform is a great way to feel inspired but also get some reassurance and advice from people who have been in your shoes.  You can subscribe and hear others share their experiences with wedding planning. It’s also great if you’re just looking to listen to some wedding chat as I know for a lot of you this may be something you’ve been missing since your planning has came to a pause recently. Here are some below that I’ve researched and would recommend. 


“The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast”- This is hosted by the lovely Celina and Claire who will talk you through some experiences and ideas along with some expectations for planning.


“Bridechilla”- This podcast keeps it real and is really useful for easing some stresses and worries you may have and is a great reminder to keep your big day about YOU!


“Get Wed Podcast” – Katie and Kerrie who are wedding photographers share their opinions and experience in planning whilst also having some expert advice on to chat too!


You Tube

Whether you’re looking at watching some bridal make-up tutorials, hair tutorials or maybe you just want to see some vloggers who have shared their big day this is a fab way to explore some new ideas.



Now without sounding too biased I strongly recommend our insta page @Bijoux_bridal It is another great source of inspiration. Whether it’s to scroll through the photos of our gorgeous gowns or to have a peak at the interior of the store. You can also follow the Bijoux Boss Babes who share behind the scenes content and again another lovely hub of inspiration and positivity to get you excited for your big day. Since lockdown, we have been putting together so much content and daily inspiration for all of you lovely brides. We have been dedicated to keeping you all inspired and will continue to do so!




These resources may not be quite the same as finding your perfect dress in store or visiting your potential venues however I hope you are able to still feel inspired and that your vision for your big day is something to keep you going! We cannot wait to return to normality but for now these small distractions will keep us going!

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Lots of love, Georgia Xx