Our gorgeous #BijouxBrides share their Bijoux Love Story with us every month. Check out our latest love story below from Lynn & John…

Bijoux Bridal: Where did you and John meet?

Lynn: John and I met through a mutual friend that I worked with at the time. We all went to a flat warming party and hit it off straight away.

BB: Tell us about the engagement Lynn! How did it happen?

L:  John asked me to marry him the day after his cousins wedding. We were both a little worse for wear and John decided to make breakfast (I knew something was wrong). Over toast and scrambled egg he told me that he loved me and wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together.

BB: So when it came to picking your dream dress, what was your experience and how did you decide on “the one”?

L: Bijoux Bridal was the first shop I visited to try on wedding dresses. I had no idea what I wanted and the style I was looking for. The girls were amazing though,

I must have tried on almost every dress and some of them more than once. The dress I actually ended up with, I nearly never tried on. I was about to give up hope of finding my perfect dress when my mum noticed it. After trying it on I knew I loved it straight away.

BB: So you had the perfect engagement, you’ve found your dream dress but what about your big day? Tell us about it!

L:  We got married at The Radstone Hotel in Lanark. Emerald was our wedding coordinator . She had planned everything perfectly and looked after everyone, making the day so special.

Everyone told me how fast the day goes so I was taking every moment as it came. I woke up at 4.30 in the morning with about 30 minutes sleep the full night so I had plenty of time to get ready!

After walking down the aisle, the full day went buy so quickly. My favourite part of the day though was during all the photos. Everything was just so relaxed and our photographer Karl was amazing. We both don’t feel comfortable getting our pictures taken but he made it feel effortless.

BB: If you could recommend Bijoux to another bride, what would you say? 

L: Anyone who visits Bijoux Bridal should just take their time to try on as much as possible and trust the stylists helping you with your appointment.

Wedding Venue: The Radstone Hotel, Lanark

Photography by: Karl Double Photos

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