The weeks are flying by… Lesley’s big day will be here before we know it (we really need to get our outfits finalised!) but she’s looking a little further ahead this week. Lesley’s giving us the lowdown on her honeymoon plans this week and what she’s been organising for the trip!

I can’t believe we’re only 3 weeks away from our wedding. This week has felt a little stressful. I know everything is under control for our big day but the reality of it is starting to hit home a little (so exciting but scary too!).

So this week, I’ve decided to take my mind off the day itself and think more about what we’re doing the week later… our honeymoon to Las Vegas!

Both Stephen and I are so excited about it so I’m going to share a few of our plans below and a few tips on what we had to plan as well…

First thing’s first… before heading to Las Vegas (or America in general), there were a few things we had to organise and keep in mind about going out to the USA. If you’re heading off to the States for your honeymoon you might want to listen up…

PASSPORTS… it’s a given when you’re travelling but I’ve known people to get caught out with this in the past. Double check your passport will be valid when you arrive in America. Did you know that you’re required to have at least 6 months validity from the date you travel on your passport. Don’t leave it to the last minute to check this is the case. Sort it out now as the passport office is mobbed at this time of year so it can take longer than normal to get it back.

VISAS… they’re not just for people moving there or people spending an extended period of time. EVERYONE travelling to America must get an ESTA or at least check that their existing visa is still valid if you’ve travelled there in the past two years.

BE PREPARED… to pay a little more than you might think as well. I’ve been to America in the past so I know how it all works but most prices when you’re shopping exclude tax so when you get to the checkout it will cost a bit more. We decided to keep this in mind when it came to saving our spending money so we’re not caught short with anything.

As well as planning in the admin side of things, we’ve been planning ahead with the things we want to do when we get there and we’ve already booked a couple of concerts and attractions so we don’t need to worry about it when we get there.

We’ve got so much planned in but some of the things we’re both looking forward to include visiting some of the big attractions of Las Vegas like The Bellagio Hotel. One of the most iconic hotels and casinos on the strip. There’s also a few amazing rides in Las Vegas which sounds a bit ridiculous that we’re looking forward to that part of it but if you’ve ever heard of the Stratosphere thrill rides then you will know what we mean!

Outwith this, we’ve booked some AMAZING concerts to go to including Adam Lambert and Queen and Jennifer Lopez (not sure how Stephen feels about the last one!). 

All of these things are bound to make this a trip of a lifetime and a honeymoon we’re never going to regret!

All that’s left now is for us to think about the clothes we want to take. I have some gorgeous outfits from my hen do in Marbella that I really want to re wear but I think I will treat myself to some new pieces since it’s our honeymoon.

I have a whole week in between getting married and heading off for our honeymoon so we don’t need to pack ahead of the wedding but no harm in doing some shopping before then. A bit of retail therapy will go a long way right now!

Lesley xx

Tell us where you’re heading on your honeymoon in the comments below!