You might recognise #BijouxBride Emma from our Bijoux Plus photo shoot (her face pops up on the website a bit!). We’re following Emma’s exciting journey in the year leading up to her wedding this September. On this week’s blog, Emma is talking through wedding fayres – the good, the bad and the ugly!

My partner and I went to The Three Kings wedding fayre in Falkirk recently. It’s where we are getting married and they always do a wedding fayre in February every year. It was free for us to go along to this fayre but quite often they’re ticketed.

It was so great getting a chance to see our wedding venue again. They do a fantastic package where everything from cars to flowers are included. We booked it because everything they offered suited us and what we were needing for our wedding. We also really like that it’s a family run business so it just felt like the right decision.

Through the week I sat with my “wedding book of stress” which currently holds all the information of our booked suppliers and what deposits we have paid, what still has to be paid and also a list of questions we wanted to ask suppliers while we were over at the wedding fayre. 

When we arrived at the fayre, the first thing on our agenda was cars. We get three cars with our package so I really wanted to check how many people we could fit in each car and what type of car was going to be allocated for each part of our wedding party. I knew I was going to struggling with space with the cars as our party is quite big so this helped us figure out all of the details we needed and helped us decide whether or not we should book an extra car. 

Next was the cake. Before attending the fayre, I looked the supplier’s Facebook page and website so I had an idea exactly what we wanted before going. I messaged the suppliers to make sure they were going to be there. The company we spoke to were really nice and asked if we wanted to go to the shop as they would have more of a variety of cake we could taste. We decided to stick to seeing them at the fayre as we both work some Saturdays. Fayres make it so much easier for you to tick things off in one day so you don’t need to worry about taking time off to visit suppliers.

Another bonus the wedding fayre meant that we could speak to all our suppliers to get answers to any burning questions we never got to ask when we booked. It was great getting to speak to them face to face. I didn’t want to email them individually with each question that I had. 

While we were there we decided to have a walk around to see if there was anyone else we wanted to book or speak to. We ended up seeing the sparkly dance floors and aisle runner along with the “love” light up letters from the florist I am using. It’s so great because you get little extras for your big day that you hadn’t thought of.

We also spent time speaking to Falkirk Council. This was really helpful for all of the legal requirements you need to think about for the wedding. They provided us with so much information on what we have to do and when I need to do it by as well as what we might need to pay. At the time all I could think was “I really wish they had a big tick off sheet” but thankfully they told me it was all on their website so panic over! 

I caught wedding fever after attending the fayre. We later booked The Kilted Caricaturist – my sister saw him at a wedding and said it went down great with the guests. I thought it was something a bit different and a great way to entertain our guests. I can’t wait to see all the pictures of my guests as caricatures. I also booked an accordion player so we can have a bit of Ceilidh dancing as well. 

I would recommend to any brides or grooms to take a “wedding book of stress” and a pen with them to any wedding fayre. It keeps you right if there is a supplier you like. Alternatively, if you have already booked the suppliers attending, take notes or write down questions you can ask them when you’re there.

It’s so exciting but another piece of advice would be don’t get carried away or feel pressured into booking while you’re there. Doing your homework first is key and take time to consider if it’s really what you want for your wedding.

Also, always pay with a credit card,  or pay pal (make sure it’s for goods/services) so you have more security if something goes wrong with the supplier.

I think that reputation and recommendation is everything when it comes to your wedding. Nearly every bride has heard a horror story where they have seen people lose out from suppliers or services because they got a great deal at the time which turned out to be a scam. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

I like to speak to suppliers face to face to get to know them just to make sure I feel comfortable around them. A good example would be photographers. They are going to be around you all day, capturing every moment of your special day so you want them to be organised and show an interest in you and your partner.

Emma xx

Stay tuned for more wedding updates from Emma. In the meantime if you’re looking for recommendations, here are Emma’s suppliers so far: 

Wedding venue – The Three Kings  

Humanist – Caledonian Humanist Association 

Caricaturist – The Kilted Caricaturist 

Dress – Bijoux Bridal (of course!)

Photographer – Maureen Bell Photography 

Flowers – Irene’s Florist and would also recommend Thistle Flowers

Cake – Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes